M’Liss came to NBRRH to work on her strength and endurance after experiencing severe symptoms from COVID-19.

M’Liss Brockman enjoyed a healthy and energetic lifestyle prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19 in February 2021.  The 64-year-old New Braunfels’ resident has always been very active with her spouse, of 45 years, her three children and her five grandchildren.

M’Liss woke up one morning and felt abnormally tired and lethargic. Like many people, she thought it was allergies, but she and her husband decided to get tested for COVID-19 as a precaution. After receiving a positive result, M’Liss was optimistic about her recovery, but didn’t want to be too confident until she was out of the woods.  Luckily, M’Liss had already received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, which her family physician said, more than likely saved her life.

On day ten of her initial onset of symptoms, M’Liss had a sudden change in status and found herself unable to get out of bed. Her family physician advised her to go to the hospital where she was admitted for twelve days for respiratory failure and pneumonia due to COVID-19.

Once stabilized, M’Liss needed inpatient rehabilitation before she could safely return home. She and her husband instantly knew New Braunfels Regional Rehabilitation Hospital (NBRRH) would be the best facility to receive the care she needed to get back to her active lifestyle.

When M’Liss first started her recovery, her endurance and strength were limited, and she had trouble with her heart rate elevating with exertion. However, towards the end of her eleven day stay, she was capable of walking longer distance safely and independently.

Upon completion of her inpatient stay at NBRRH, M’Liss continued her recovery in the outpatient Post-Covid-19 program at NBRRH. The program is designed to help Covid-19 “long-haulers” who may continue to experience symptoms, such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and brain fog.  Surprisingly, these patients tend to be younger and experience only a mild case of Covid-19, yet still suffer the continuing effects from the virus.

M’Liss looks forward to getting back to work and going for bicycle rides with her family. “I was able to walk with confidence after a short time thanks to the guidance and expertise of the therapists.  I highly recommend New Braunfels Regional Rehabilitation Hospital for anyone focused on getting their life back.”